Ordering Information for Limited Edition Prints and Originals

Ordering Limited Edition Prints
Limited edition prints are available for all of the paintings seen on this website. If there are ordering buttons on the display page, as in the Fine Art and Jeff Gordon Millenium Series sections, a limited edition print purchase can be made online.

All images on the website are available in 3 general sizes: Small, Medium, & Large. Also available in jumbo and huge call for quotes (image permitting, some are too small of a painting and are only offered in a small and medium) The range of sizes in each category accounts for the difference in size of the original painting. Prints are: Giclee's and can be printed on:
1. CANVAS (for stretching in oil painting frame)
2. Paper (for framing in Glass)

Small Sizes:
5 x 7, $66.00
8 x 10 $90.00
10 x 12 $105.00
11 x 14 $117.00
9 x 12 $99.00
6 x 12 $87.00
Medium Sizes:
12 x 16 $138.00
10 x 20 $141.00
16 x 20 $215.00
18 x 24 $275.00
Large Sizes:
20 x 24 $345.00
23 x 30 $436.00
24 x 30 $448.00
24 x 36 $472.00
30 x 36 $601.00

These prices are for canvas, and water color paper/rag. If you are requesting paper, the print will be mailed flat, or for large/jumbo orders they will come rolled. If this is for CANVAS, it will be stretched.

Prices do not include packing, shipping and handling.
We take Paypal and you may also send a check.

Ordering Original Paintings
Selected paintings on this website are available for sale. The display pages will denote the availability of each piece. Please click here to request more information about ordering original paintings.

Ordering Commissioned Original Paintings
Commissioned paintings by Tracy Bailey Holmes are available as time permits. Please click here to request more information about painting commissions.

1095 E. Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106

email: tracy@art4racing.com
or tracyh@holmesbodyshop.com

What is an IRIS?
The IRIS 3047 (Intense Resolution Imaging System) is a state-of -the-art digital color printer capable of producing high-resolution color, and black and white prints (up to 33"x 45'1 image size) of unsurpassed quality and accuracy suitable for museum or gallery exhibitions. A unique continuous-tone technology creates a print by "giclee" (pronounced thee-clay; literally a "spray of ink") in which the IRIS transfers ink at a rate of 4 million, 15 micron droplets per second to paper or canvas. This results in a print of exceptional depth and saturation of color, as well as detail...
Tracy Holmes and art4racing.com use Art Works Fine Art Publishing to produce limited edition prints. Artworks always uses the most archival materials available, thus the quality and longevity of your edition are assured. Choose from a variety of specially selected and tested 100% rag watercolor papers or canvas.
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