Third generation artist Tracy Bailey Holmes is a Fine Artist, Director for and Founder of Holmes Galleries, a nonprofit Business/Galleries exhibitor promoting and benefiting artist, art organizations and art for children in public schools.

Supporter and past Chairperson for the Children's Center for the Arts fund-raising events. Tracy Bailey Holmes also served on the Advisory Board of Directors for the Children's Center for the Arts which serves children in public school arts programs. She served two terms on the Board of Directors for the Pasadena Arts Counsel. She is a recipient of "The Gold Crown Award" for "Business in the Arts" for "Outstanding Contribution and Service to the Community in the Arts". She is also a member of the California Art Club.

Her background includes commercial and fine art studies abroad in Zurich Switzerland, with travels throughout Germany, Holland, Austria, and France affording her the direct experience to paint from life, and the front lines of the "Tour de France".

Locally her studies include Otis Art Institute, Art Center College, and currently studies with Jove Wang. Her work has been used in major motion pictures including conceptual design work, set design and art department coordinator.. Tracy was also influenced by her grandfather, Jack Ray, who started out painting original show and movie posters, who eventually rose to higher levels of extensive works in and was inducted into, the IAAPA; (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Hall of Fame, for his Outstanding Achievement and Contribution of his Extraordinary Artistic Talent and Energy in the Amusement Park Industry. Roy and Walt Disney share the same Hall of Fame. Tracy was also influenced by her artist mother, a French Canadian Fine Artist known for her watercolor "Show Girl Series".

An acclaimed Cycle Sport Artist, traveling VIP each year with an official Tour de France Operator, Tracy is also currently working on a historical series entitled "Champions of Cycling". She is a licensed NASCAR Artist since 1995, who's work is a favorite of many collectors, with examples of her paintings displayed in the DU PONT Headquarters Trophy Room, Jeff Gordon Collection, Hendrix Motorsports, Southern Automobile Club Corporate headquarters Lobby, along with many other Corporations, businesses, and private collections locally and abroad. Tracy Holmes is the first American Sports Artist in Cycle Sport Magazine and is featured in over 17 News paper articles and 5 magazines, including Los Angeles Times, American Chronicle, San Marino Tribune, Herald Tribune, Star News, Valley Sun, Outlook, and many others for her impact in the arts.

Native Californian currently residing in Southern California with her husband and three children, Tracy's love and desire to inspire, encourage and uplift the human spirit in transforming images with boldness and beauty, accredits her talents and successes to her maker, the love and support of her family, friends, community, and the "Champions from every race in the sport of living" .